Last Year

It was a year of extremes.

Most recently it is the weather which comes to mind. Plummetting temperatures and being snowed in.

Work Highs and lows. This year we had a Steep Learning Curve as much about our expectations of others... I think we have finally realised with our work, that good as promises from others seem, we must not let it knock us off course, and actually it is far and above more satifying (and successful) when we do the decision making for ourselves.

Garden Achieving a long held desire to plant an orchard for ourselves.

Travelling among other trips we went to South Korea which was a real high spot. It was quite unlike any trips we have done before. This time we were shown around,taken care of, driven everywhere with a chauffeur, we even had a "minder" to make sure we didn't get lost or kidnapped.

So now for 2011. Dare I make any resolutions or predictions?

Yes, Lighten up! Be intrepid, Try new ideas without fretting over imminent disaster. And then let's see what I'll be writing in another year's time.