When you go down to the woods today...

Deluges through the day and warm nights all add up to the perfect conditions for the beloved cep.  A magical woodland walk glimpsing these little chaps nestled in the moss in sunlit bosky glades, a little bird song and wind gently soughing in the trees, then home for tea with this very satisfying 2kg of porcini!   


Squally rain

Its nearly 5pm and the rain is now easing a little.  Rivulets were coursing down the window panes, and my rain gauge notching up to a hefty 17mm since this morning, so I spent the day tucked up in my workshop throwing on the wheel.  Then as I stopped for lunch a momentary glimmer outside reflected in the puddles and shone on the zinnias on the window ledge.  With their vivid colours they are a wonderful memento of summer.


for world poetry day...

I have to admit that I'm not a great one for poetry , but this one, ironically as a confirmed insomniac I find wonderfully evocative.  A.S. Tessimond's Sleep.