Year's progress

Despite the snow the birds are starting to sing again. After months of quiet, maybe the odd squawk, a few birds are testing out their singing skills. The first always seems to be the Great tit, then a few mornings ago on my run I heard a thrush have a very passable verse of two, then a chaffinch sang in the garden yesterday.

Must share this wonderful image, it's a detail from a beautiful dish made by our good friend Howie. I love the way abstract marks and colour swim across the surface, it's so animated.
This a link to his website to see more of his beautiful ceramics - here


There is a world out there

A day off!
  • Ate gorgeous breakfast of coffee, homemade white toast, drizzled with my favourite olive oil - a habit picked up in Spain.
  • Got to finish a brilliant book, Rosina Lippi's Homestead and contemplated a week of being snowed in.
  • Thought about doing some ironing, but then reconsidered.
  • Booked a short holiday in Norfolk in 3 weeks time - even planned where we will eat on the first night (local sirloin from Holkham estate in nearby pub) yes, my belief in the magical restorative powers of beef.
  • Sat and mused (briefly)
  • Wondered (briefly) about how Spring Fair is going for new mug collection and Soda and Scuba