"We keep a journal to entrap that collection of selves that forms us..." so says William Boyd's Logan Mountstuart. Can the same be said of a blog? Which self are we consciously or unconsciously choosing to show to the world? Are these the thought's that arise from having 2 hours sleep last night?

Andrew saw 2 Black swans on the East lake today and more surprisingly they were still there when he took me to see them.
2nd Black Swan event, I washed the car.

Had to include this other shot. In contrast to the usual magestic swan image, this is how we see them more often than not.


At long last...

Full marks to Darren Betts of the BBC weather centre for uttering those wonderful words "high pressure across the Azores" and we're still in March. I'm mightily bored of winter's grey rawness and this magical term heralds something better. Let's hope it doesn't mysteriously disappear from the text over the next few days.