Year ending 2013

Time for a clear view of the New Year.  Out with the old decorations, this year boughs of fir and holly gathered from the hedges and fields after a particularly violent December storm, and now the last few thrown on the wood burner making an especially ferocious roar.  So here we are looking forward to a new year with all the excitements and struggles it might bring - but we will deal with them all, somehow. 
And this year's resolution, I'm done with all the too challenging ones  which I fail at, like "hoover more",  this time, in 2014 my aim is Don't Burn the Toast!


Shortest Day

How I love to reach this day.  Its 9pm and I am sitting in front of our log burner, hearing the wind and rain battering the windows but I don't mind because the days are now getting longer. 


Home again

Just back from the most wonderful trip to South Korea.  We were guests of Zen company who are producing our brand for the Korean market, and doing it so very beautifully and very thoroughly that it completely took my breath away.  They were extremely kind hosts and gave us the chance to spend sometime travelling around the country.  Here are a few images from our visit. You can click on them to see larger versions.