Sopron fire tower, over the Austrian border into Hungary

First night in Hungary, unfortunately satnav only worked in western Europe, amazing how quickly one's navigating skills are diminished after a couple of days with a tom tom.

First stop Dertingen

Arriving in Germany to warm sunshine, our first night was in Dertingen. Here's its church tower, and fortified town wall.


Guided tours

On our way home we stopped in Limburg to visit a dear friend, Herr GrĂ¼ber (Horst to his friends) who is professor of Psychiatry at the university there. Here very kindly showed us around the town, explaining the cultural significance of lederhosen.

Should holidays carry a health warning?

We're back home from a fantastic holiday driving to Eastern Europe. Two weeks, two whole weeks!! But what a shock to the system getting back into the swing of life and work. This week has been the mother of all mondays everyday - finally, today I don't feel such a fish out of water. So it does beg the question, the more wonderful the holiday, the more disruptive and painful experience coming back?

Over the next few days I will give highlights of the trip and pics to illustrate, not necessarily in chronological order. It was in a sense a number of smaller holidays all joined up, staying with family and friends en route and ending up in southern Hungary.

Here is Caro and Howie and Andrew on a bench in Wertheim, Howie's home town - obviously something is a great joke, that's even before the weiss bier.