Bright blue sky

Two weeks of bright sunshine and blue skies give such a boost to the system. Here is a shot I'm sure I will be looking regularly over the next few months to remind me of the wonderful light.

We timed this visit to coincide with the Grape harvest festival, good not only for the wine but also to see lots of the local traditions and the natty costumes.



After a break of a few months since my last blog I have just got to the end of a crazy work time. Lots of really exciting new projects; new ceramics ranges with brilliant store John Lewis about to be launched, card series with Wild Card Company nearly ready, new things with Make International, article in Country Living; plus other things still in the pipeline. Now lots of these are just about put to bed and we are off for a holiday to Hungary tomorrow.

So in the intervening time (it almost feels like a mini lifetime ago) since the last blog I am reassessing all that anticipation of the garden, lots of which drowned in the wet weather, but also discover I have to now admit to liking things like Begonias - only on account of these amazing scented ones, occasional tables - I'm so tired by the end of the day, that reaching the floor for my glass of wine is a trouble, and actually just enjoying the quiet. Do these mean I am suddenly old? Hopefully when I return from my holiday I will be rejuvenated...