Buns for tea

Couldn't resist a mention of the weekend bash (or Open Garden) here at Walcot. New fountain in operation and Trina's amazing baking, just a shame we had 15mm rain which started as the gates opened and finished pretty much as they shut.

As the old adage says 'How time...'

Serious neglect of entries to my blog. All the new projects underway are taking my attention. The textiles that we are due to have in our new catalogue and then launch in Autumn are coming on well. But not only is it the design itself and the items to be made but all the incidentals that need decisions. And of course, being a bit of a control freak I hate anything to be left to chance. So, research of zippers - colours, types, and materials, zipper slides, buttons, button loops, woven name ribbon, swing tags, coatings, etc, etc,. But it is very exciting to work with a new material, particularly as it is all printed and made up in England. Here's a little glimpse.


In production, just...

Andrew says it time I do a more work related blog, its all very well getting excited about the particular quality of blue haze over a sea of blue bells, or that the tadpoles in a nearby puddle have had a lucky escape (10mm rain on Saturday after a very dry period), but I do need to mention work every so often.

So here we are, with the Herb bricks, finally in production and jury is out on whether with a new project it has absolutely any effect if you nurse it through all the stages to get it into action or whether you give over a prototype and model and let them get on with it. It might all amount to the same nail biting time of waiting to see if it actually happens.

Evening walks

Wonderful, early summer weather here in Shropshire. Clear fresh days and beautiful serene sunny evenings. All this barely imaginable a week ago. The birds are singing and the air is so very sweet with tree blossom. Here are a few shots from today's walk, then back for a glass of wine in the garden whilst the sun is still warm.


Seasons at a gallop

We seem to have fast-forwarded Spring, and suddenly here we are in May, but its summer. Today max temperature in the shade 25 degrees C. and this is a generally chilly county.

We have just spent a perfect day with Caro and Howie at Wollerton Old Hall, a delightful English garden.

The trees bursting into leaf, showing the promise of a new year in bright green foliage.


Catching the morning sun

Our poultry neighbours enjoy the change in the weather. The log gives a better vantage point and maybe the dewy grass is a bit chilly on their feet.