Tentacles - worth a trip to sample

(No, I said tentacles).  We have just discovered a new favourite restaurant in Sert√£.  I chose Polvo √† Lagareira, and it turned out to be one of the best examples of the genre, delicately grilled to keep it tender, and served with batatas murras (bashed potatoes).  
Tel 927775316

 Finally I seem to have cracked it, making feta.  You can buy it here but it's wildly expensive so I have been experimenting making it in house.  It has a nice creamy, yet crumbly texture with a slight sharp edge to the taste.  Excellente with our home grown cucs, toms, and olive oil.



The drought continues...

 Despite the ferocious heat and total absence of rain some things miraculously just keep going.  The grapes are starting to turn and we are wondering if my trip to England in September is going to coincide with the ideal time for the harvest.  Another case of careful planning coming unstuck?  We will see.

This is a shot of our entrance walkway, the vines making a perfect, enticing dappled shady path to welcome us home.