Pak Eko My favourite Chef

Here is Chef Eko in Mercure Hotel Serpong Jakarta.  He taught me so much about my favourite Indonesian foods.  Each morning breakfast was a delicious adventure.  First a 5 a.m. swim, pepping my system. The a restoring feed on lots of amazing fish with fragrant sauces, each day 3 new recipes to try,  tempeh (fermented bean cake), tofu, chicken and lots of wonderful sambal green chilli salsa. Followed huge quantities of tropical fruit, some we never get in U.K. kedongdong (in Eko's hands), snake skin fruit, asinan mango etc. etc.  I miss my breakfast!

Mercure breakfast compilation

 No wheat, no dairy for 6 weeks - did I miss it? Not one bit with all this on offer.


Home at last...

It might be a shock to the system going from 6 weeks on Equator to tip of Northern hemisphere, but its still amazing to be home walking the hills.


Zen Hankook Indonesia

Just back from spending an amazing 6 weeks developing a new collection of ceramics.  I was lucky enough to work with great people.  This is my team in the shape department. They worked so hard on the project and were enormous fun to be with too.