Ucrania woman alone harranges Russian soldiers near Crimea -


This brave woman confronts Russian soldiers, addressing them as enemies and telling them in no uncertain terms to leave, pressing upon them sunflower seeds to flower when they are dead.  

Thursday 24 February 2022



February 12 - the end of summer

 This has been a winter like no other.  We have had pretty much 3 months of sunshine and blue skies, (which now obviously is becoming a problem for farmers who rely on winter for growing crops and grass for animals).  But we woke up this morning to cloud - it was so odd, I'd forgotten what an effect dull skies have on a person.  Tomorrow we might even have a small possibility of rain, well let's wait and see.

In the meantime our arum lilies have just started to flower.



"Less is more" and the moon

 This is our first year of managing our vines properly, cutting out excess "twiggage" drastically from previous owners methods, and learning from our previous year's mistakes.  Here is a detail from one of our walkways, culling back to create a basic cordon form but from which we now know huge amount of growth will spring.  You can just see the buds swelling (we are the first week in February) and also the very tiny moon in the middle at the bottom.