Etoile d'Holland

Shirley and Alan, lovely friends in the village let me take cuttings from their gorgeous climbing rose Etoile d'Holland today. Armed with secateurs and a bucket of water with willow snippings in, I plunged the 8" long pencil diameter stalks in the bucket. Removed all but their upper most leaves attached I pushed the cuttings into a protected bed leaving just a small top section above soil level. Now the wait, but it will be worth it. This rose has the most wonderfully, intense, spicy perfume and their sumptuous crimson colour turns almost to black as they mature.


Birthday weekend

Here's a short film of the Brickett clan just as we pitch into the puddings.

4 Generations get together

Young Finn, (coming on 9 months), Jamie (his Dad), Jude (Jamie's mum), and John (Jude's dad) here for the birthday gathering. Tomorrow John is 80, and very well he's looking.