29th Feb 2008

Trip to Stoke to take new Herb Brick model to Stan. We like having the ceramics made here. The opportunity to talk through options, or problems, see how the work is progressing and chat with all the people invoved in the making to see that every stage is going to plan. Our team are brilliant. Here is Stan planning the block and case stage.


More than just a vegetable...

Purple food, not a natural choice, but sometimes it is so very beautiful. We might be in February but there are still a few January Kings. My local market does a fine display of them. And whilst we are on the purple theme, these Blewits were absolutely delicious.


End of week

New things out of kiln. Next stage is the publicity shot in the making.


Bright sun and birdsong

Still cold, down to minus 4 at night, but clear sunny days follow. Wonderful for my morning run. That lovely sound of frost and ice under foot instead of sluing about on muddy tracks.


Days getting longer

Just back from a lightning trip to Stoke. Arriving back as the day light is fading.


Sheep does not like being upstaged by newcomer, so fakes nonchelance.

A new cockerel in our meadow, very dapper despite the icy breeze.