Season progressing

One of the things I love about our part of the world is being so connected with the seasons and how the year changes.  We have one favourite walk from our house which we do regularly, but is never the same.  Each time something is different; the temperature, the wind, the light, the ground underfoot, the stage the trees and plants are at, the birds and their songs - non of these remain the same, and each time we go on the walk something else catches our attention.  The other day we saw 2 tractors working together in a field, one was ploughing the other harrowing and drilling new seed.  Today we went to have a close look at their field, and here it is.  The texture of the soil was so beautifully velvety from a distance, then close up the furrows etched this wonderful pattern in the earth.

Last bit of summer

I admit the blog has been a bit quiet of late - but not for want of trying.  I've been gathering lots of material but somehow have been a bit distracted to put it all together. Here though are a couple of shots from our great weekend in Cornwall in September.
    We stayed with Sarah and Graham and family (plus menagerie) and went out for a blast of ozone on Graham's zapcat (here we are heading for the sea).  This is a link here to their luxurious camp overlooking St Michael's Mount.

I also learnt that wetsuits zip up the back.  They were kind enough not to laugh too loud when I first got it wrong.

October 2012

Moments of sunshine in a woody clearing.  But not many mushrooms.  Too cold at night (in my opinion) for our favourite ceps.  Managed to find a few (albeit slightly gnawed ones), just enough to add to some crushed potatoes with tonight's pork - wonderfully intense their flavour.