Nearly June ?

Biting wind and hail storms as June approaches, just the odd sunny day.  Still, the cow parsley and campion are finally putting in an appearance in our hedgerows.  


Pining for blue

Please can we have some more like this.  I knew I'd regret my plea for rain. 


Culinary promises

Long ago, when I must have been feeling particularly indulgent I promised to make a proper pork pie, you know, the hand raised type, not made in a tin (that's cheating) - I don't even eat the things.  Anyway, when the hope of a fine bank holiday arrived and I got sick of finding the pig's trotter in the freezer I realised I had to keep my word.  I made a selection, the classic, with sage and thyme, one with prune added, one spiced with a very little cumin and coriander and one with fennel, garlic and a little chilli.
We found a lovely sunny hillside to spread the picnic and it was a great success.