Has Spring sprung?

Well I certainly think it has, even here in deepst darkest Shropshire it would seem so. The blackbirds have started to sing, and they are generally very tardy, saw some primroses flowering today (- they have such a beautiful pale lemony colour), and the reptile population is definitely making up for time lost hibernating. Last night I when I went out to tuck up my seedlings for the night I had to step very carefully to avoid all the little newts. Most people thing the common newt is no longer common, well here it still is.
I must say I have a particular fondness for small reptiles, newts especially, which is just as well as anything that has been stored through winter, for instance my favourite dahlia bulbs or garden pots now has a resident newt underneath, and now they are getting quite frisky. Then this morning there were 3 toads sitting on my back door step...and now they are seranading - how romantic.