2010 going out with a bang not a whimper

Here we are again, approaching the end of the year, and doing a mental summing up of thoughts and experiences over the last 12 months.
As some of you know it has been an "interesting" year for the challenges here on Planet Walcot. I think 2010 can be called "Stress Year". And being swamped by these things has been a regular experience. Some very personal, taking care of my mum as she has developed memory difficulties in her 80s, which has been pretty traumatic for both of us. Then our English manufacturing has been through a major and painful upheaval, not to mention other hiccups, which at the time I thought were unsurmountable, they all happened together this year in spadefuls.
But then after all the sleepless nights and angst and that awful sick, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that takes you over, its sometimes possible to reach an equalibrilum and learn from the most unexpected quarters. I can't go back and undo regrets - I've just got to move on and somehow progress beyond the bad things.
But best of all has been the amazing love and support of family and friends, allowing me to put the darkest moments to oneside.
There's more I want to write but I'll have to wait a bit. The next black cloud is looming, but now I know I'll get through it. More than anything I feel disappointment in people's personal weakness. How interesting they get off on being so mean and feeble. What a shame they revert to such weedly methods to boost their own small stature. I'm waiting for my "Baron Von Espie" moment - it will come.
Then as an antidote to their bitterness come some unexpected glimpses of something that lifts your spirits.