Where do weekends go?

My main achievement this weekend was doing some remedial work on an attache case left to me by my father. The leather was desperately dried out and had obviously been much used for many years. Cath from here at Walcot came to the rescue with advice about using Neats Foot oil to replenish its tissues. We both speculated on what it might do with our complexions. So many thanks to you Cath, mission accomplished with the case.

Today we have spent the whole day in a nice warm study grappling with some new designs which I love to do. All the preparation and material was assembled so I didn't have to venture into an icy workshop. I was really excited by the outcome. Can't show anything yet, but I hope things might be ready in spring. I was musing about what it reminded me of. What came to mind was the gardens in 14th C. Italian frescoes of the Annunciation, charming and beautiful flowers in a meadow. Andrew, on the other hand said it reminded him of Fuzzy Felt.