My mad moments, never one to conform...

I can't blame it on the Mistral, Föhn, or even Sirocco, but this winter weather in April is certainly playing havoc with my calm ordered thoughts.
Yesterday as the clocks changed it was such a relief to have an extra hour's sunlight, I realised that we could have easily have changed the hour a good month ago and had all that extra evening light.  The thought suddenly occurred to me that next year in our house we should change the clocks at the end of February, there is easily enough light in the early morning to make this possible and the benefits of longer daylight at that time of year would easily outweigh the inconvenience of trying to remember GMT for events and appointments with the rest of the population.  Similarly in October I am planning to postpone that horrid Sunday when the clocks "go back" and have a couple of extra weeks when it isn't dark at 4.30pm .
I know a farmer here in Shropshire who never changes his clocks as he says it upsets his dairy herd, if he tries to monkey about with their milking times.  Seems to work for him. 
So forgive me if I mis-time things occasionally, just remember I'm on Lydbury North Time, not Greenwich Mean Time.