Real weekend

We're having a "real" weekend. Relaxing time off doing nice things. Yesterday we went to visit to Hay on Wye. Then went for a potter round the surrounding villages. We found an ancient church with wonderful 13C bell tower at Kinnesley (you can find it on Google Street view). Inside there was a beautiful early carved altarpiece. Here is a small detail. Then home in time for drinkies and seared lamb chump chops on the griddle. Slight downside was we had to have every window open downstairs in an attempt to get rid of the smoke. Amazingly I had the presence of mind to pack the chilly bin for our trip, so on finding a promising butcher in Hay (I can never resist looking in butcher's shops - probably how some people covetously look in clothes shops) came back with the lamb and a lovely looking piece of rolled sirloin from a Red Ruby Devon.