A definite first

Just had our first asparagus for dinner picked from the garden. It all started as seed I won from a gardening neighbour when I lived in Bristol and had an allotment there. Amazingly the seed stayed viable till I sowed it a few years back here in Shropshire, and I have resisted the urge to pick the odd spear in previous years. It was amazingly intense and sweet and pea-ish, maybe the odd spear was a bit wood if I'm being fussy, but a great start and hopefully lots more to come.
It marked the end of one of those MAJOR weeks. Do you know the sort when you feel your capabilities are being test to the full. All very exciting, all the new projects are happening at speed and it's a case of trying to keep all manner of balls in the air at once. Now I feel very slightly dizzy with it all. Still, a bank holiday weekend ahead and I'm hoping to have some good weather to get into the garden to do a bit of planting out and weeding. It is a very steadying exercise, I can thoroughly recommend it, along with the fresh air an vitamin D.