Winter continues

Next design push for Spring Fair. Our mug collection to be launched at S.F. has been a very freeing experience, drawing in ideas that have been simmering away in the background but haven't yet found the right place and new notions too. The top 2 are inspired by decorating Judi and Nick's Christmas present. They are due to get a few hens (pets or family members - it remains to be seen) so we found a very nice galvanised feeder, not the easiest present to wrap, but I tried to disguise this by making paper chain cut outs of chickens to wrap round the paper. Then having enjoyed doing this so much I made a design to go round a mug. And in honour of the fox I sometimes meet on my hill run I thought I'd do a pair.

Heart Flower and Folk tree are somehow Hungarian - I wonder why??

The swans seem underwhelmed by all the weather throws at them. Night after night of temperatures below minus 8 and daytime not above freezing, yet they go for a stately wander across the ice and swim in whatever water is unfrozen. The little birds are having a much for difficult time. My beloved sparrow community is very little in evidence at the moment having been frightened off by some particulary bullying tactics of the bluetits.