What is it about gardening?

Finally, after grappling with our catalogue, new products and trade shows, a free afternoon coincided with a small patch of sunshine so I spent it dibbling about in the garden. There's something wonderfully rewarding about getting soil under my fingernails and feeling the warmth of the sun on my back. Much as I hate the steady march towards autumn and winter, I do enjoy the process of 'putting my garden to bed'. I suppose it is all to do with looking beyond the scary, dark winter months and relishing the next warm growing season, planning and imagining how things will grow and what it will all look like. Soon I can sort out my borders, move the unsuccessful combinations of plants, and re position things. It is infinitely satisfying. But whilst I am doing it I also take stock of what is happening to me and all around. Last week whilst we were at the trade fair the news broke about Lehmans going under, in itself pretty awful for all involved, but also indicative of how many others will struggle for a considerable time to come. Then set against that is the constant germinating, growing and dying of things in the garden. Whatever is going on, this continues, perhaps that is why we find it compelling.